1. Update or Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

This should be the very first thing you try since this error notification is very likely to be caused by lacking of Adobe Flash Player.

1) In Google search box, type in Adobe Flash Player and then hit Enter. Press the Get Adobe Flash Player key to start the download.

2) Choose your operating system and the version of Flash Player you want, then hit the Download button on the right corner.

3) Just wait for the download to finish and then install it as instructed.

4) You need to restart your browsers to let the change to take effect. Now the error notification should be gone and you should get your videos back.

2. Displaying "Error loading player:No playable sources found"

To resolve this issue, add EntrancePrimes URL to Chrome Setting. You need to follow the instructions given below.

(Follow the Red Marked Field)*

1) Go to Chrome Setting.

2) Then, Click On Advanced Settings.

3) Scroll and Search For Content Settings, Click on it.

4) In Content Setting, Click on Flash option.

5) In Flash Setting, Click Add option infornt of Allow.

6) Now, Type EntrancePrime's Site URL and Just Click Add.

Finally when you done with this, just refresh your video page.

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